8MAN Enterprise now: Solarwind's Access Rights Manager

Authorization management made easy

8MAN is a leading solution for Access Rights Management (ARM) in Microsoft environments, protecting businesses from unauthorized access to sensitive data. The software solution developed by Protected Networks in Germany sets standards for professional network security and an agile IT organization and bundles state-of-the-art functionality with the fulfillment of current security and compliance guidelines. 8MAN core features include Permission Analysis, Security Monitoring, Documentation & Reporting, Role & Process Optimization and User Provisioning.

Analysis of the authorization situation

You can not do anything against dangers that you do not see. 8MAN analyzes the permissions situation in your company and shows who can access which resources. In a central view you can see the group memberships from the Active Directory and the access rights for your file servers, SharePoint sites, Exchange and vSphere. With this knowledge you will be able to act and protect your business from internal security incidents.

8MAN gives you back the control. A click on the resource view shows the actual state of a scanned system and the authorized employees.

Security Monitoring

Both in the Active Directory and on the file server, a number of employees are making changes. Without full monitoring, security risks arise. With our Active Directory Logga and Fileserver Logga, you record all security-relevant activities in your company network. This allows you to understand who did what and when in the network and explain the causes of problems.

At the process level, you gain complete transparency about Access Rights activities. Even changes made outside 8MAN are recorded. Based on the information gained, your access rights management process can be optimized.

Role concept for data owners

Not the administrator but a data owner or supervisor knows best who should have access to what. With the introduction of a role concept for the analysis and granting of access rights, you contribute the data Awareness thoughts and appropriate action into your enterprise.

With 8MAN's data owner concept, you will map the organizational chart of your company and record all departments. Then assign the individual data owners to their employees. The data owners analyze or assign the access rights of their employees to resources.

With the 8MATE GrantMA add-on module, employees can order new authorizations via a web portal. The data owner then decides on the access rights in his department in a simple workflow.

Documentation and reporting

Logbook: Activities over time

The logbook documents who did what and when with 8MAN in the Active Directory, the file servers, SharePoint and Exchange. The calendar function shows the activities carried out over time. Everything is recorded with our security monitoring (8MATE AD Logga and FS Logga), including changes made outside of 8MAN. This closes an explosive security gap: Permissions granted on a short-term basis, with the aim of gaining access to confidential data, are recognized immediately. The obligatory comment function relieves the administrator. By depositing a short note (eg a ticket number) every activity is traceable even after a long time.

Report: Who has access where?

In 8MAN, you create reports that are really needed. Your auditor will be astonished when he sees the access rights of an employee on one page. Managers are relieved to know who has access to the personal data folder. The reports are configurable with just a few clicks, understandable for everyone and can be sent automatically. Creating a report is done in three simple steps: Define the resources to analyze, select the output format, and click Start.

User provisioning

Using role-specific templates, you can create new users in seconds. The user generation is standardized and according to the roles in your company. The access rights for file servers, SharePoint sites, Exchange and virtual servers defined in the AD groups will be assigned at the same time.

So that the new colleague can start immediately, 8MAN generates the appropriate e-mail account. Schedule activation to prepare for entry into the future or to limit time during project work. Whether Helpdesk or Data Owner: In both cases, the participants work with a reduced, simple interface. All accesses are laid out in a few steps.