tenfold authorization management for Microsoft Exchange®

The reporting and administration of Microsoft Exchange® mailboxes and authorizations are complex and time-consuming with the manufacturer's board equipment. It is only about detours to find out who is authorized on a mailbox or a mailbox folder.


tenfold supports the installation of the mailbox as an integrated part of the user system. Mailbox databases and policies are automatically set based on the employee's location. But that's not all: If the employee changes location, tenfold automatically moves the mailbox as well. When the employee leaves, tenfold automatically archives the mailbox and sets up a suitable forwarding.

Reporting for mailboxes

Through the proven split-screen interface for authorization reporting, tenfold simply and clearly shows who has the right to a specific mailbox (or mailbox folder). Effective authorizations are placed in the foreground, ie Active Directory groups are automatically resolved into their members and displayed in a clear tree structure.

Reporting for users

What can not be realized with board means is the reporting of a user's authorizations. Often the question arises as to which mailboxes, public folders or individual mailbox folders is a special user (or a special group) qualified for? tenfold shows you this information in the clear user report.
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Clear presentation of authorizations with help
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