Authorization Management for SAP®

Manage SAP® Authorizations with tenfold Enterprise Edition

An authorization management solution is only complete if all the company's key systems can be integrated. These include not only the Active Directory® and the file servers, but above all important business applications. These applications contain critical information about products, customers, orders, financial data, and more. It is the job of any corporate IT to ensure that this mission-critical data is reliably protected against unauthorized access.


tenfold supports the integration of SAP ERP® out-of-the-box. Tenfold can be used to both report and administer the user's SAP authorizations. Access and authorizations are managed via the tenfold web interface either by the system owner, the supervisor or the employee themselves in self-service.


The SAP® functions are fully integrated into the profile function of tenfold. This makes it possible to group SAP® authorizations into profiles that are assigned to employees based on their department. The permissions assigned in this way are automatically adjusted by tenfold when the department is changed. This means that new authorizations are assigned automatically and unused authorizations are removed automatically and with a time delay.


Approval workflows allow the system owner to decide for himself whether a user should be granted a specific authorization. The tenfold convertible 4-eye-principle additionally protects particularly sensitive authorizations. The tenfold interface for SAP® automatically converts the applications into SAP® after release. Both individual systems and systems in the ZBV network are supported.


Find out at a glance in which SAP® systems an employee has accounts and which authorizations are assigned to this account. This evaluation is available both from the perspective of the person (which systems and permissions does an employee have?) And from the point of view of the authorization (which persons have this authorization?). The ability to evaluate both current and historical data facilitates the fulfillment of internal and external audit requirements.


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