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Special offer: Free authorization analysis

Our experts analyze your access rights for risk factors free of charge

Today the campaign "Free analysis of your access rights to risk factors" started in cooperation with our partners tenfold and permSECURE.
Request a free authorization analysis here.

Due to the corona crisis, organizations are rapidly changing to home offices and are sometimes forced to quickly change responsibilities and responsibilities. Rightly so, the focus is initially on ensuring a smooth workflow.

Restrictions that are perceived as a hindrance are thus removed, with the best of intentions. If the decision-makers who are actually responsible are not available, such changes may be carried out without their knowledge. The result: companies open up uncontrolled access to potentially sensitive company data. A dangerous condition that can facilitate data theft and misuse.

We analyze your authorization landscape for security gaps free of charge
We check the authorization structures in your company for security risks free of charge and advise you on the implementation of measures to improve your IT security.
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Accompanying webinars as part of our special campaign

54:26 minHelmut Semmelmayer, tenfold28.04.2020

25:52 minA. Löwenkamp, ​​C. Schulze 30.04.2020

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