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Analyze SharePoint permissions

SharePoint has established itself alongside file servers in companies for the storage of data. Since the requirements for authorization administration are even higher in this case, there is now also an 8MATE for SharePoint. This plugin can collect the extensive permissions from the various web applications in the usual 8MAN way, merge and display them with the AD information.

Your benefits:

  • Improve safety and reduce costs.
  • Only one console for file and SharePoint server permissions.
  • Representation of the obscure authorization structures of SharePoint.
  • Inclusion of SharePoint policies in the analysis.
  • Evaluations and reports for "who has everything effectively accessing a specific resource".
  • Overarching analysis and reports on "What does a particular user / group have access to".
  • Resolving permissions on groups from the AD.
  • Fixed the synchronization issue between AD and SharePoint.

Feature overview 8MATE SharePoint

Graph permissions

SharePoint offers even finer settings for the permissions, but unfortunately the presentation of the permissions in SharePoint has not become more transparent. Once the permissions are granted through groups, it is again very tedious to capture or even present the effective permissions.
8MATE Sharepoint puts an end to this problem!

Who has access to a specific SharePoint application?

Select the area in 8MATE that you want to analyze. This is possible down to the last level. 8MAN now shows you which rights are configured on it, resolves all groups and also includes the global policies. Now you can see who has what rights to it.

What does a particular user / group have access to?

This question is also extremely difficult to answer with SharePoint - with the 8MATE just a click away.
Select the user or group you want to know more about. A mouse click on it and in seconds you have all the files. And all at the same time via your file server, if you wish.

Improve security - reduce costs

Intransparency is the biggest enemy of security. 8MAN brings transparency to your business. This will help you detect and fix misconfigurations.

The advantage of 8MAN is the ease of integration into its environment. This makes a cost-effective entry possible. The ease of use of the system speeds up your processes and ensures significant savings, for example, in the daily administration or when once again the permissions are to be analyzed.

Do you already know our extensive video library about 8MAN? Here all functions are presented in detail and vividly directly in 8MAN.

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