Consolidate permissions

and regain control

Initial situation:

  • You use Windows File Server (including NetApp or EMC).
  • These file servers have been around for some time.
  • You are currently managing your permissions with Microsoft on-board tools.
  • You are aware that the currently assigned authorizations do not meet the current requirements.
  • You currently have not granted the permissions according to the best practice recommendations.
  • You do not have time to rebuild your permissions.
  • You are about to be audited / certified.
  • Managing Windows permissions takes too much time.
  • They are hardly able to provide information regarding the existing authorization situation.

If the conditions above apply to you then we can help you.

The quality of the file server permissions is subject to a strong decline. You build it once, but over time, the originally ordered structure transforms itself into chaos by frequent interventions. In addition, the complete administration with on-board resources is extremely intransparent. So it comes as it has to come. has developed in practice for practice procedures to:

  • quickly and inexpensively rebuild the authorizations according to best practice without disturbing the users. Including automatic list permissions and structure of required group structures.
  • There are no tokenize issues during the migration phase.
  • Build group structures that allow for easier administration even after consolidation.
  • to consider adjacent problems such as the linking of files in advance.
  • To integrate specialist departments in a simple and pragmatic way when converting to the rating of authorizations.

We know what we are talking about!

and support you from the preparation phase to the completion of the project.

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