Whitepaper Ordered file storage on the file server

Everyone knows it, almost everyone uses it and yet the file server does not have the best reputation among its users. He is often viewed as too confusing and chaotic. That does not have to be!

Clear rules for filing simplify the storage and retrieval of data

In the whitepaper we explain which rules have proven to be helpful and expedient in the organization of file storage. This does not only concern the administration and configuration of the file server, but in particular the handling of the employees with the file system.

This white paper is intended as a reading for employees of all departments and serves the purpose of each user to raise awareness of how he can prevent the data chaos itself.

The following questions are answered in the whitepaper:

  • What is the difference between personal, private and public files?
  • What does an optimal folder structure look like?
  • Which directories are useful?
  • What should be considered when naming files?

The complete contents and further recommendations can be found in our whitepaper.

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