Authorization workshop from

Ordered directory and rights structures on the file servers:

NTFS permissions in the field of tension of data security and compliance requirements.

Authorization Workshop

Correctly assigned access rights are one of the most important prerequisites for data security! For example, "unauthorized access led to 2014 security incidents ranking," outperforming "due to malicious code attacks," according to an IBM study on cyberattacks (*). But efficiency also suffers and companies incur further costs, When employees in confusing, wrongful structures spend an average of 30 - 60 minutes searching for files every day or work with the wrong data.

There are clear requirements, meaningful best practice guidelines from Microsoft and now finally suitable tools for the comfortable assignment and Maintenance of authorizations, Nevertheless, we encounter the same problems over and over again in our daily work: users with full rights, users who are not authorized and entitled, user accounts of employees who have long since left the company, missing list authorizations and also "Everyone" permissions on the system folder ,


If you are not sure whether your permissions are really sufficient for your security needs, then you should take a look at our workshop on file server permissions.

Together with you, we work out a tailor-made approach in your environment that describes your requirements for clean access rights.

frontpage-mr-flyers 8MAN integrationWorkshop Agenda

Components of the workshop

  • Analysis and discussion of the actual situation and individual requirements
  • Fundamentals and best practices for assigning NTFS permissions
  • Development of solutions
  • Summary of the workshop in a catalog of measures

Documentation - all results in detail at a glance

frontpage-mr-flyers 8MAN integrationDocumentation (anonymised)Of course, each authorization workshop is different. But an impression of what you can expect as a result of such a workshop, is the following, anonymous documentation of our workshop on the reorganization of the directory and rights structures in a company with 4-digit number of employees.

Our advice: Give our expert who organized the workshop in your home the time for a detailed documentation and troubleshooting and benefit from this analysis with clear guidelines. Due to the clear structure of our workshop documentation, you can also immediately understand for each considered aspect, what is the specific need for action in each case. The evaluation in each of these areas is based on comprehensible criteria, which in turn are based on official recommendations and practical experience from our projects.

Mehr zum Thema:

Do you already have your rough concept in hand as a result of our workshop? We would be pleased if you share your experience with the comment function. Positive feedback is just as welcome as criticism and suggestions for improvement.

Sincerely, Your Team


Comments (4)

  • Avatar

    Jochen Dziumbla


    Professional workshop!
    This well-structured and hands-on workshop was very interesting, informative, transparent and understandable. Our expectations were therefore fully met. This has also given us the necessary security for our decision-making for implementation.
    I can only recommend this workshop and the software and tools to every medium-sized company.

    J. Dziumbla
    CIO - LAPP Insulators GmbH


  • Avatar

    Andreas Beck


    Excellent workshop with many tips, tricks and tricks to implement a clear authorization structure.
    We purchased the software in advance and were able to analyze the existing system and make preparations for the migration directly at the workshop. There were no questions left unanswered.
    For us, there is no better software to eliminate legacy AD and directory structure, to create new users and directories with correct permissions and at the same time to get a proper documentation of work done.

    Highly recommended!

    A. Beck
    Information Technology
    City Administration Bad Soden am Taunus


  • Avatar

    T. Liebenau


    It was a very informative workshop with lots of tips and a lot of know-how. In conversation, the existing environment was analyzed and various weaknesses identified. Based on the experiences of Mr. Gomell, already planned strategies were considered and new strategies developed.

    This workshop is worthwhile for every admin working with file servers.

    T. Liebenau
    IT Services
    WEKA Media GmbH


  • Avatar

    Marco Brück


    In order to get an overview of infrastructure that has been growing over the years and as a preparation for the actual migration, we can only highly recommend this workshop. Legacies and problems were identified and possible solutions were worked out during the workshop. Professional, flexible and competent - we recommend this workshop and aikux gladly.

    M. Brück
    Information Technology
    EWM AG


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