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Orderly directory and rights structures on the file servers: access rights in the field of necessary availability and data protection compliance.Authorization Workshop aikux.com

Correctly assigned access rights are one of the most important prerequisites for data security! For example, "unauthorized access led to 2014 security incidents ranking," outperforming "due to malicious code attacks," according to an IBM study on cyberattacks (*). But efficiency also suffers and companies incur unnecessary costs, when employees in confusing, wrongly justified structures spend longer time searching for files or work with the wrong data. Dangerous parallel structures on the file server and thus on local PCs outside the KIS are often the result.

There are clear requirements, meaningful best practice guidelines from Microsoft and now finally suitable tools for the comfortable assignment and Maintenance of authorizations, Nevertheless, we encounter the same problems over and over again in our daily work: users with full rights, users who are not authorized and entitled, user accounts of employees who have long since left the company, missing list authorizations and also "Everyone" permissions on the system folder ,


If you are not sure if your permissions are the right one Safety requirements of the new EU-DS-GVO really enough, then you should take a look at our workshop on file server permissions.

Together with you, we develop a tailor-made approach in your environment that describes your requirements for clean and secure access rights.

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Components of the workshop

  • Analysis and discussion of the actual situation and individual requirements in the company
  • Fundamentals and best practices for assigning NTFS permissions
  • Development of solutions
  • Summary of the workshop in a catalog of measures

Documentation - all results at a glance with aikux Score

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Overhead 1 day
Of course, each authorization workshop is different. But an impression of what you can expect as a result of such a workshop, is the following, anonymous documentation of our workshop on the reorganization of the directory and rights structures in a company with 4-digit number of employees.

Our advice: Give our expert who organized the workshop in your home the time for a detailed documentation and troubleshooting and benefit from this analysis with clear guidelines. With our proven Score System From now on, you can also comprehend for each considered aspect how high the specific need for action is in each case in relation to the subsections Processes (efficiency), Safety and documentation in an individual case. The evaluation in each of the three areas is based on comprehensible criteria, which in turn are based in part on official recommendations, but also on the experiences of our projects.

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Do you already have your rough concept in hand as a result of our workshop? We would be pleased if you share your experience with the comment function. Positive feedback is just as welcome as criticism and suggestions for improvement.

Sincerely, Your aikux.com Team

(*Source: www.heise.de)