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In the first DSGVO webinar in June, we provided you with an introduction to the upcoming changes to the new General Data Protection Regulation, which you can also provide if required here on our website to look again.
The time has not stopped since then and not only numerous countdowns on websites indicate that the entry into force of the GDPR is now within reach. So it's time to scrutinize the current practice in your own company and, if necessary, act quickly now.

Request a whitepaper now12.03. Expert Webinar: DSGVO Fit-Gap Analysis and Roadmap
How do you detect vulnerabilities and make sense of planning the next steps until May 2018?

In a joint webinar with our partner Netwrix, the lead auditor ISO 27001 and IT lawyer Frank Trautwein present practical examples of the EU-DSGVO Fit-Gap analysis and how to create a roadmap to eliminate the most important weaknesses.

In the webinar you will learn:

  • what the fit-gap analysis is good for and who or what you need for it
  • which points in a DSGVO roadmap should by no means be missing,
  • How to automate processes and get there faster.

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