tenfold authorization management for Microsoft SharePoint®

Not only the file servers contain sensitive corporate data: Make sure that even Microsoft SharePoint® has access to sites, lists and elements that require this access.


With tenfold Permission Management for SharePoint® you can see at a glance which SharePoint® elements a user is effectively authorized with support for Active Directory® groups, native SharePoint® groups and custom permission levels.


Central authorization management in SharePoint®


Even with tenfold authorization management for SharePoint®, all changes in the system are documented audit-proof. tenfold saves the history for all users and their authorizations. Only if it is understandable who has approved and implemented changes can data misuse be detected and prevented in the future.

Automate processes

Processes in user and authorization management are also synchronized automatically for SharePoint®. Approval workflows, self-service features, and templates and profiles to define can also be applied by integrating the Microsoft SharePoint® collocation solution into tenfold.

Reports "on demand"

User-friendly and clear reports can be called up at the click of a mouse. Department heads, business executives, and auditors quickly get an insightful overview of all permissions, permission groups, inherited permissions, and more. Permission management for SharePoint® is made easy with the software solution tenfold.


Clear authorization report from SharePoint®