Best Practice AD ​​Security

27.06.2018 Best Practices for More AD Security

Learn from our IT security expert Alexander Bode how Active Directory needs to be built in-house to strengthen data protection and meet the requirements of the EU GDPR.

Check with our help whether your Active Directory is optimally configured:

  • How can you quickly identify the biggest security holes in Active Directory?
  • Which settings should be checked and optimized to improve security?
  • The consistency of Active Directory configuration with your organization's security policy
  • How do you identify and investigate unauthorized changes by privileged users?
  • How can you make sure the sensitive files are ...
    • ... are not exposed,
    • ... are stored only in secure locations with proper access controls
    • ... and no unauthorized personnel can access it

Referent: Mr. Alexander Bode is an IT security expert with extensive and sound professional experience in the IT sector. His areas of expertise include backup and disaster recovery, endpoint security and systems management solutions. His experience profile is based on many years of successful technical support of the sales and partner organizations for companies such as PowerQuest, Intel Germany and Symantec.