migRaven.one - The Release Webinar

The migRaven.one Release Webinar: The Webinar from 15.05.2017

migRaven This is probably the only tool on the market that allows you to restructure complex file server directory structures and assign completely new permissions according to Microsoft Best Practice.

Start a migRaven.one redesign project if you do not just want to set new rights under Windows, but also migrate the file server and, if necessary, restructure it.

If you only want to create new authorization structures without restructuring the filer, the very fast migRaven.one GPO project functionality can be particularly useful.

The DO module provides the data owner much needed information about the directories and data. By using usage data such as age, date of last modification, or data composition, the data owner can better decide which data to actually use productively.

Senior Consultant Thomas Gomell shows you the new migRaven.one version.