migRaven.one webinar

migRaven.one: The webinar of 27.02.2017
In the migration project or the server merge, it usually turns out that data and authorizations can not simply be moved one-to-one from A to B, but that directory and rights structures must be adapted.

The responsible IT staff are confronted with data from other departments whose structure, background and importance they do not know. The departmental workflows are usually unknown. IT relies on the data-owner's input from the departments, if they do not want to run the risk of deleting important data or disrupting departments' workflows.

In order to simplify these coordination processes between the departments, migRaven now comes with a Data Owner Client, which integrates the specialist departments in the processes in an uncomplicated manner. As an administrator of the project, simply assign the network resources to the data owner for editing and seamlessly insert the results into the project!

In the webinar, Senior Consultant Thomas Gomell shows how the new migRaven.one the Collaboration between IT and departments simplified and the possibilities that the web application offers the data owner in order to analyze and restructure data and authorizations in his area.