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product brochure

These manufacturer's brochures provide you with all the basic information about the product.

migRaven. 24/7 brochure

migRaven. 24/7 Overview (EN)

Data sheets on the functions

Data Retention Data Sheet

Data Sheet Folder Self Service

Installation instructions and user guides

You can find detailed information on the online help from migRaven installation Guide available.
There are also two user guides on the data retention and folder self-service functions

Data Retention User Guide

User Guide for Folder Self Service

migRaven.one product brochure

In this manufacturer's brochure you will find all the basic information about the migRaven.one product in conjunction with tenfold.

migRaven.one brochure

... and stay there.
With migRaven.one and tenfold

migRaven.one as the perfect preparation for tenfold IAM

Optimize the use of identity and access management by cleaning up and cleaning up all underlying data and authorization structures with migRaven.one in advance.

migRaven.one for tenfold integration

Test migRaven.one

migRaven. 24/7 test procedure

User accounts count for licensing

The AD counter counts the number of user accounts required for licensing migRaven:

migRaven.one reference reports

"Used migRaven to implement the user rights of a file server of local Windows2000 users in an 2012er domain structure, 2 days work together with an employee of Aikux, 1 minutes to shut down the old server and the job was done - top tool together with the support before Place, saves a lot of time, the permissions are at the newest level (tidy up) - what more could you ask for? "

Mr. Laux, IT department head of GEMAC GmbH, after a file server migration with migRaven.one

600 User Novell Migration - Vestolit GmbH

2800 User Novell Migration - Mainova AG