PeerLink Collaboration

Sync fileserver in real time

PeerLink Collaboration enables professional file collaboration for users around the globe. It provides file synchronization and file locking in real time. Instead of using the e-mail system, FTP or centralized file storage, PeerLink ensures that your project data is always up-to-date on all servers using real-time data replication. Integrated real-time file locking prevents version conflicts.

Your benefits:

  • consistent data on many servers
  • No expensive WAN accelerators necessary
  • a cheap software solution
  • the data is where you need it
  • supports Windows and NetApp file server

Detailed information

PeerLink - the specialist for file collaboration

PeerLink (also known as PeerCollaboration Enterprise Edition) enables business-class file sharing and file collaboration for team members around the world. Instead of using e-mail, FTP, or a centralized file repository to exchange files, PeerLink real-time directory and file replication ensures your project data is always up-to-date on every file server. Version conflicts are prevented by distributed file locking in real time. The possibilities range from simple data mirroring from one server to another, to complete data synchronization of directories between multiple servers to facilitate the collaboration of decentralized teams.

File Locking

To ensure trouble-free cooperation (collaboration) in decentralized teams, PeerLink has integrated file locking. This feature automatically locks all replicas of a given file (read only) as it is opened for editing at one of the sites. After the changes have been saved, they will be replicated and the file lock unlocked immediately.


As an 3rd Party application, PeerLink is able to synchronize data between different hardware platforms (Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2008R2 and NetApp). However, the flexibility is not limited to the hardware platform, but data can be synchronized between different domains and ADs.

Central management console

The central management console offers the possibility to centrally monitor all servers of the collaboration session. You will receive detailed information about the state of synchronization and possibly blocked files. You can start and stop a single collaboration session. Furthermore, the detailed configuration of the collaboration session is made here.

Key features

  • Integrated file locking
  • Multi Threading
  • Byte level replication
  • Replication in real-time
  • email alert
  • variable block size
  • Bandwidth Optimization
  • Transmission via SMB / TCP
  • versioning
  • Transmission of ACLs
  • Files and directories can be explicitly excluded or excluded
  • encrypted transmission of data (SSL)
  • Crossplatform Support: Windows and NetApp
  • Collaboration sessions across AD borders

I want to know more!

Are you already using PeerLink to synchronize your locations or file servers? Then we would be pleased if you share your experience with the comment function. Positive feedback is just as welcome as criticism and suggestions for improvement.

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