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Identity and Access Management with tenfold Essentials Plus
Exchange and SharePoint

You need a solution that will help you more consistently manage the user accounts and permissions on your file server in the future. Plus: You want to integrate the widely used SharePoint and Exchange IT solutions?

The tenfold Essentials Plus Edition concentrates just like that Essentials Edition on the visualization and management of user accounts, groups and file sharing based on Active Directory®, but integrated in addition Microsoft SharePoint® and Microsoft Exchange®.

Because not only the file servers contain sensitive corporate data: Make sure, even with SharePoint®, that only the users have access to sites, lists and elements that require this access. Also, see at a glance what SharePoint® items a user is effectively authorized with support for Active Directory® groups, native SharePoint® groups, and custom permission levels.

Exchange® Causes administrators headaches on several occasions: There is no central console for visualizing and changing mailbox and folder permissions. With tenfold you determine in detail who is allowed to access a mailbox and subfolders. End users can set permissions within their mailboxes themselves. The user report also immediately shows which public folder, device mailbox, and the like the user has effective access to.

In the newly implemented recertification process, data owners are regularly reminded to check their users' active access permissions. Current rights can be confirmed and obsolete withdrawn.

The Essentials Plus Edition is just right if you want to get started with entitlement management in your Microsoft environment as fast as possible and use Microsoft SharePoint® and / or Microsoft Exchange®. If you're ready for more, you can always go from the tenfold Essentials Plus Edition to the Tenfold Enterprise Edition upgrade.

Essentials Plus Edition features:

  • Evaluate permissions
  • Authorizations assigned according to Microsoft Best Practices (AGDLP)
  • Manage permissions in Microsoft Exchange
  • Documentation of the authorization assignment
  • Recertification of permissions
  • Automatic management of necessary access groups
  • Automatic editing of the ACL, no more manual editing via cumbersome tools
  • Comfortable reporting - all information at a glance
  • Those responsible from the respective departments decide on their own questions
  • Automatic documentation of the processes

It has never been easier to manage users and permissions centrally and clearly. The software tenfold brings not only the administration and thus the administrator many advantages. The company and the management also benefit from a transparent overview of all authorizations: Compliance with standards such as ISO 27000, BSI, BaFin requirements etc. is facilitated with the help of tenfold.

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To get to know the benefits of tenfold, you can try the software:

  • Try tenfold on a demo system in the Azure Cloud or
  • for 30 days in your system environment

How does an installation work?

  • You make an appointment with us
  • the remote installation happens within 1 hour
  • For the test period, we provide you with free and non-binding technical support

Are not yet sure if tenfold is eligible for a test?

  • Then you will get access to our web demo, which we will present to you as part of a WebEx session.

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