tenfold - edition comparison

(You can find the tenfold vs. 8MAN comparison here.)
The editions of tenfold differ in the included plugins.

tenfold plugins

So-called tenfold plugins provide many of the tenfold functions. The plugins are easily downloaded online from the tenfold Marketplace and then installed in tenfold. Updates can also be downloaded and installed with a click of the mouse. Many helpful plugins are already delivered out-of-the-box. This means that your systems and applications can be integrated into the tenfold workflow in record time.

Overview of the tenfold plugins

The following overview gives an overview of all available plugins at tenfold.

Important note: You must license the edition of tenfold required by the respective plugin (or a higher-quality one) in order to be able to use the respective plugin. If you have any questions about licensing, please contact us!

Active Directory and file server

Active Directory® User Lifecycle plugin

Manage group permissions in Active Directory® using the Active Directory User Lifecycle Plugin. You receive valuable support for frequently required functions and processes, such as creating new users. All changes are documented in an audit-proof manner. Group owners are involved in the workflow.

Base folder lifecycle plugin

The tenfold base folder Lifecycle Plugin manages the lifecycle of the user directories (base folder). The creation of user accounts and directories is fully automated.

File Server permissions

Tenfold simplifies the administration of authorizations on file servers. It offers functions for reporting, administration, automation of processes, revision-proof documentation, and flexible workflows according to the BPMN standard.

AD group assignment Plugin

With the AD group assignment plugin, IT resources can be modeled in tenfold as orderable and assignable resources and controlled via Active Directory group memberships. Those responsible can use appropriate workflows to control the allocation of resources.

Groupware and email

Exchange® Mailbox Lifecycle Plugin

The tenfold Exchange Mailbox Lifecycle Plugin can automate the administration tasks for Exchange mailboxes transparently for the administrator. This includes the functions for new creation, data changes and deactivation.

Exchange® permissions

The reporting and administration of Exchange® mailboxes and authorizations are complex and time-consuming with the manufacturer's board resources. With the tenfold Essentials Plus version, “Authorization Management Exchange” is child's play.

SharePoint® permissions

With tenfold Permission Management for SharePoint® you can see at a glance which SharePoint® elements a user is effectively authorized with support for Active Directory® groups, native SharePoint® groups and custom permission levels.

GroupWise® permissions

The creation of new mailboxes for employees is a task that has to be done with every user system. The plugin helps users of GroupWise® to automate this step in the context of the user system.

IBM Notes® plugin

Manage your IT users and their mailboxes in IBM Notes® conveniently and clearly with tenfold IBM Notes® Plugin.


With the Zimbra plugin you can manage the mailboxes of your IT users easily and conveniently via tenfold.


PowerShell® Plugin

With the PowerShell plugin you have the possibility to execute scripts in certain situations or for different events in the system. This gives you the opportunity to independently design individual extensions based on a widely used technology.

SSH® plugin

Use the tenfold SSH plugin to run scripts on UNIX, Linux or iOS systems (IBM System i) via secure network connections.

Groovy plugin

With the Groovy plugin, scripts based on the Java programming language (more precisely the Groovy script language) can be executed natively in the tenfold application server.

The plugin enables extremely flexible processing of certain events to which you can react. It is therefore possible to intervene very intensively in the processing of tenfold in order to expand or adapt standard functions.


Import plugin

The entry of user data by the IT department is usually a redundant task. Information about employees is usually already available in the HR department. The tenfold import plugin eliminates this vulnerability. The data from the HR management system is used to automatically recognize all changes made by the HR department and to react correctly to them.


With this tenfold plugin you can easily manage SAP® authorizations and authorization roles.

Microsoft® Dynamics NAV plugin

Integrate your entitlement management in Dynamics NAV, AX or CRM. You always have an overview,
in which systems the users have accounts and permissions.



The requested resource (system, authorization or asset) cannot then be made available automatically via the OTRS plug-in, but a ticket can be created, which then commissions the help desk to carry out the desired activity.


Mail Notification Plugin

With the Mail Notification Plugin you can send standardized as well as individual email notifications from tenfold.

PKE SMS plugin

With the PKE SMS plugin, the SMS (security management system) from PKE can be connected to tenfold. This makes it possible to centrally manage the physical access of employees in addition to IT authorizations.


IBM Cloud® plugin

In tenfold you can automatically integrate the central user management of the IBM Cloud into your tenfold processes using the IBM Cloud Plugin.

Office 365 user lifecycle plugin

With the tenfold Office 365 User Lifecycle Plugin, you can easily assign users in Office 365 using tenfold licenses.

industry solutions

ORBIS plugin

In tenfold, you can protect your data in the ORBIS hospital information system against unauthorized access and meet legal requirements for critical infrastructures (KRITIS).

SPI ISAS-N plugin

Tenfold can be connected to the SPI banking solution via this plug-in. Users and authorizations can now be managed centrally and transparently via tenfold.