tenfold - edition comparison

(You can find the tenfold vs. 8MAN comparison here.)

Supported Systems: Microsoft®



The authorizations are visualized by tenfold. You can see at a glance which persons have which authorizations.


Regular reminder to confirm or revoke users' active access permissions.


tenfold reports the authorization situation transparently and in an easily understandable way. Insignificant technical details are hidden for the end user.


With tenfold, IT administrators or independent data owners assign new authorizations at the click of a mouse. The necessary structures (group permissions) are generated
tenfold automatically if necessary.


tenfold helps you to automate and document the processes in user and authorization management.


All changes are documented audit-proof in the system. tenfold stores the entire history for all users and authorizations. A later manipulation of data is excluded.

Self service

Tenfold offers an intuitive, 100% web-based interface. Users can put in the easy-to-use interface, requests for additional permissions, equipment or about user data changes.

Approval workflows

Flexible workflows according to BPMN standard ensure that changes are never made without the approval of the responsible persons.

User Management

Life Cycle

The entire life cycle of an employee is covered. Processes such as admission, data changes, internal bills of exchange and exit can be automated via workflows.

Manual input

Personal data can be entered manually via the interface.

Import from CSV file

Personal data can be automatically taken over from a CSV file and are then adjusted accordingly in the AD. Entries, withdrawals and changes to master data are automatically recognized by tenfold.

mass changes

Often, a large amount of user data has to be created or changed. Easily make changes to your data in Microsoft Excel® and make the bulk change with an easy file upload.

Import from other sources

Personal data can be exported via database queries, web services or function calls from the HR system. The attribute settings are freely configurable.

Planned requests

Do you want changes to user data or authorizations to be activated at a later date? No problem: Enter the changes in tenfold and enter an activation date. The changes are stored as future requests in the system and activated only on the desired date.

authorization management

Active Directory®

Manage group permissions in Active Directory® via tenfold. All changes are documented auditable. Group owners are involved in the workflow.

File Server

Visualize and administer tenfold permissions on your folder shares. Tenfold displays the effective authorizations on the folders graphically prepared and easy to understand. Tenfold automatically builds a Microsoft®-compliant group structure (including list rights) for the administration.

Microsoft SharePoint® (also SharePoint® online)

Not only the file servers contain sensitive corporate data: Make sure, too, that only the users have access to sites, lists and elements that require this access. See at a glance which SharePoint® items a user is effectively authorized with support for Active Directory® groups, native SharePoint® groups, and custom permission levels.

Microsoft Exchange® (also Exchange® online)

Exchange® gives administrators multiple headaches: There is no central console for visualizing and changing mailbox and folder permissions. End users can set permissions within their mailboxes themselves. With tenfold you determine in detail who is allowed to access a mailbox and the subfolders. The user report also instantly reveals which public folder, device mailbox, and the like the user has effective access to.

Temporary permissions

Permissions on certain resources can be assigned in tenfold for a limited time. You save the manual creation of reminders - tenfold automatically deletes the corresponding authorizations on the key date and informs the users by e-mail.


The easy-to-use functions of tenfold visualize existing authorizations. Get an instant overview of the permissions in your organization and prevent data misuse.


The documentation is an important key element for successful authorization management. Only if it is understandable who has approved and implemented changes data misuse can be detected and excluded in the future.

Authorization analysis

Evaluate your permissions through statistical analysis and identify patterns and overlaps. The authorization analysis is also a powerful tool for quickly and easily generating matching profiles.


Tenfold also integrates role-based business applications. Manage the permissions in your ERP, CRM and others with tenfold. Increase compliance in your organization through transparent entitlement management.


About the tenfold Auditor you see in a clear
Display with drill-down function, on which day which
Changes were made to objects, as well
Changes are detected that are not made via tenfold
were. In Essentials Edition, only objects are active
Directory and the file server. In the Essentials
Plus Edition will also include objects in Exchange
and SharePoint monitors, and the Enterprise Edition shows
Changes also to application permissions.

Pathfinder for Active Directory

The Active Directory Pathfinder allows the graphical
Representation of group nesting in Active Directory.
This leads to more overview and higher data security, since
wrong assignments can be detected much easier.

Administrator Dashboard

Often the Active Directory is grown structures
in a messy condition. With the administrator
Dashboard gives you a quick overview of where it is exactly
Problems are: Unused accounts, orphaned SIDs, empty
Groups and much more.

Password reset

Active Directory®

Forgotten passwords can be reset in Active Directory via tenfold.

For users

Which help desk manager is not? Password resets take up a large portion of the available capacities. With tenfold you give your users the possibility to reset their own passwords in Active Directory®, SAP® and other applications. Support for secret questions, SMS PINs and Google® Authenticator.

For the help desk

If it is not possible or not desired to make the function directly available to the users, the helpdesk has the option to validate tenfold persons for the reset
(Caller Verification). Automatically generated initial passwords also save valuable time.

Other systems

The passwords for other systems, such as SAP®, can also be reset with tenfold.



Profiles can be used to map certain organizational units to authorization. Profiles can be configured via the tenfold interface by the administrator.

Active Directory® basic permissions

By assigning templates to specific employees, they automatically receive the basic authorizations required for your department, cost center, location or location. In Essentials Edition, this feature is limited to Active Directory® permissions.

additional permissions

In addition, additional entitlements can be requested via the tenfold interface. The approval workflow automatically obtains the release of the responsible data owner.

Automatic changes

If the employee in question changes to another organizational unit, the basic authorizations are automatically adjusted - if necessary, with a time delay.

Adjustments of profiles

If a profile is adapted, the changes can be automatically rolled out to all employees who are assigned to the profile.

Cross-system basic authorizations

In the Enterprise Edition, system-wide assignment of basic authorizations is possible. For example, you can automatically assign roles in SAP® or in other applications based on the Org affiliation.

Microsoft® Active Directory

tenfold supports the management of user and computer accounts as well as group management in Active Directory.

Microsoft® Exchange

Often, creating / archiving personal mailboxes or assigning permissions to group folders is one of the standard activities in the entry and exit process. With tenfold these routine activities can be easily automated.

Microsoft® SharePoint

The collaboration solution from Microsoft can be integrated into tenfold.

Active Directory Multi Domain

Tenfold allows the integration of multiple domains, supporting both single and multi-forest environments.

Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager

Control the rollout of client packages or other administrative activities through tenfold's SCCM.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM

Integrate your entitlement management in Dynamics NAV, AX or CRM. You always have an overview,
in which systems the users have accounts and permissions.

Microsoft® Office 365

tenfold allows you to assign licenses in Office 365. In the selection, the available product licenses are automatically made available. The licenses can be assigned automatically, based on profiles or individually requested via the self-service.

Supported systems: other manufacturers

ERP, CRM and other business applications

The integration of different enterprise solutions is realized in tenfold via specific connectors. For a list of currently supported manufacturers, please contact a sales consultant.

Directory services and groupware solutions

In large system environments, Active Directory and Exchange often include other groupware solutions and directory services. For example, tenfold allows the integration of Novell eDirectory or Lotus Notes via standard LDAP interfaces.

Service Management Solutions

It often makes sense to integrate Service Management in the context of user and authorization management. tenfold supports the integration of systems such as TopDesk, OTRS, HelpMatics, iET and others.

Software Distribution

tenfold works together with the most important software distribution solutions. Use the tenfold
User management to provide users with software packages. Either as an individual service, such as a Microsoft Office® package or as part of an overall deployment, such as rolling out the SAP GUI® after the server-side setup of the SAP user.

Own solutions

Critical data is often found in self-developed applications. Tenfold has numerous possibilities to integrate self-developed applications: SQL interfaces, RFC / RPC, web services, import / export and many more.