Synchronize servers and NAS systems

The amount of data is steadily increasing. At the same time, the average size of a file explodes. If you still need data in different locations, they need to be distributed in an economic way.

PeerSync supports you in permanent distribution tasks and migrations of file servers!

(Currently: This is new in PeerSync 9.2)

Your benefits:

  • Timely replications
  • Monitoring the files - only delta data is transferred
  • Migrations can be done over longer periods of time as user changes are observed and re-synchronized
  • the only NetApp-certified solution for synchronizing Windows and NetApp filers

Detailed information

PeerSync Server is the perfect sync software for your Windows and NAS environment

PeerSync Server provides extensive data replication and synchronization capabilities and has been known in the market for years as one of the leading providers of synchronization software. The product has been developed to meet as many requirements as possible. The possibilities range from simple data mirroring from one server to another, to complete data synchronization of directories between multiple servers to facilitate the collaboration of decentralized teams.

The product has a modular structure so that only the functions required for the planned use have to be purchased.

File Locking

To ensure trouble-free collaboration in decentralized teams, PeerSync can be combined with PeerLock. PeerLock automatically locks all replicas of a given file (read only) when it is opened for editing at one of the sites. After the changes have been saved, they will be replicated and the file lock unlocked immediately.

Server backup

By using PeerSync Server, the data from branch servers can be automatically transferred to the central office. On the other hand, data can be automatically distributed from headquarters to branches or subsidiaries. Minimize downtime with a real-time disk-to-disk server backup.


As an 3rd party application, PeerSync is able to synchronize data between different hardware platforms. With the help of so-called connection licenses, data can also be read or written by network drives.

Central management console

PeerObserver Enterprise or PeerObserver Administrator provide the ability to centrally monitor all PeerSync installations. You will receive detailed information about the state of replication and possibly blocked files. The PeerObserver administrator can also make configuration changes directly from the console.

Key features

  • Multi Threading
  • Byte level replication
  • Support of VSS and EOFM
  • Real-time or timed replication
  • File Recovery (resumption of replication at the breakpoint)
  • Definition of black-out times
  • E-reports
  • E-mail and SNMP alerting
  • Variable blocksize
  • Bandwidth Optimization
  • Transmission via SMB / TCP and FTP
  • versioning
  • Transmission of ACLs
  • Files and directories can be explicitly excluded or excluded
  • encrypted transmission of data
  • Support of MAC files during replication
  • Freely definable pre- and post-process scripts
  • Optional file locking to avoid version conflicts

I want to know more!

Are you already using PeerSync to replicate your file servers, have you already accelerated a file server migration, or are you using PeerSync for a real-time backup? We would be pleased if you share your experience with the comment function. Positive feedback is just as welcome as criticism and suggestions for improvement.

Sincerely, Your Team

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