From IST to the SOLL ... and stay there

Consolidate AD and file servers - for consistent data, access rights and processes

Or: Why you should start now

The current situation that we encounter in the context of our work is regularly presented as follows:

The assignment of rights in the company is still "on demand". There are no defined processes and no documentation for the entry and exit of employees. When an employee leaves the company, nobody in the department feels responsible for resetting permissions, and those in the IT department are not aware of the changed situation. The once assigned user and the rights assigned to him remain unchanged.

For the same reason, trainees occasionally have more access rights than a departmental head when they have accumulated rights from all departments following various departmental changes. The result is a confusing and non-transparent authorization situation, which is becoming increasingly difficult to manage and which at the latest will be reprimanded by an auditor. It also jeopardizes the security of valuable and confidential corporate information.

What it is about
Privacy Compliance. Really understand and control permissions, so that access is only for authorized persons and threaten no high fines.
Avoid costly mistakes. Errors when working with redundant, outdated data quickly penetrate into production or to the customer. This can end up embarrassing - and sometimes get really expensive.
Efficient work through efficient structures on the file server. This creates satisfied and productive employees and avoids that more and more redundant structures are created.
Relieve your IT department time-consuming routine tasks and implement your user lifecycle management with standardized, automated workflows.
Find the valuable company data, to curb continuous data growth and get rid of redundant, obsolete and trivial data (ROT-Data) permanently.

In four steps from the IST to the SOLL

Step 1 / 4 - the authorization workshop

Making company data efficient and secure at the same time is a demanding goal. Misconfigurations in folder and permission trees are too easy if administration and cleanup processes are missing. In many companies, sound statements about the condition of these structures are not possible at all, because transparency and appropriate tools are lacking.
In the first part of our webinar series, we show you how to take the first step with our authorization workshop to recognize these problems and to establish lasting solutions.

Step 2 / 4 - data, folder and rights analysis with

In times of big data and seemingly unlimited disk space, file service cleanup concepts are becoming a rarity - but data is much more than just disk space on the server. First and foremost, your company's data is a valuable work tool for your employees and a company value that should not be underestimated.
In the second part of the webinar series, we show you which reports and statistics migRaven helps you to understand the data and rights structures of file servers and Active Directory. The knowledge acquired in this way forms the basis for significantly increasing both security and efficiency in dealing with company data. Because only those who know the IS can design a SOLL that solves the actual problems.

Step 3 / 4 - Convert target structure with

In this webinar, we will show you how to implement the structures that have been developed beforehand, while at the same time data can be cleared up. For this purpose, the adjustments are first simulated with the help of the software in the supplied database and tested there. Finally, the transmission of the desired state to the target system takes place. offers you various procedures in the context of different project types.

Step 4 / 4 - tenfold Create and connect rights management

With tenfold, you can effortlessly maintain the consistency of your new file server and AD structures. A special role is played by the web interface and an automated workflow system. This allows users and departments to independently request access rights and have them approved by the assigned data owner. In addition, many systems such as Exchange, Sharepoint, SAP, HR, CRM and ERP can be connected. This relieves the burden on IT and establishes company-wide processes for long-term consistent user, data and legal structures.

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