LinkFixer Advanced Webinar 2019

22:18Dirk Menzer14.11.2019


The LinkFixer Advanced Webinar from 14. November 2019

Interlinked files can be found in every company. These links are especially common in Excel files, but also in PDFs, CAD files, etc.

If the paths of entire drives or shares are changed as part of a server move, a directory reorganization or a cloud migration, all links within the affected files no longer function at once.

The LinkFixer Advanced scans all links in advance and repairs all links automatically after changing the paths or moving the files, even renamed documents are taken into account. Depending on the licensing, various file formats are supported, such as the entire Microsoft Office package incl. Excel as well as PDFs, CAD files and even desktop links.

We've been using LinkFixer for over 6 years in our migration projects and show you how to work with the software in this webinar.