tenfold 2019 R4

53:31Helmut Semmelmayer13.11.2019

tenfold 2019 R4 - Recording the webinar of the 13.11.2019


tenfold offers system-wide authorization management, which uses simple methods and tools to make blind and dangerous authorization structures a thing of the past.
With tenfold, you automatically create user accounts, visualize authorizations and integrate the data managers from the departments in every important step in the workflow.

Mr. Semmelmayer, Managing Director of tenfold Software GmbH, will show you how it works in the Live Demo based on a concrete user lifecycle example, from Admission of an employee to exit and the different ones between stations within the company.
In addition, Mr. Semmelmayer shows why through a change of department or individual competence changes recertification the authorizations makes sense.