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5 points for successful data management

New white paper from migRaven for download

MigRaven GmbH published the white paper "5 points for successful data management" in April. The aim of the best practices described therein is, in particular, to focus on the relevant data and to transfer the obsolete amounts of data to the file server. In view of the fact that the relevant data make up only 10 to 20 percent of all data, this is a not uninteresting endeavor.
The white paper is available for download here.

5 ways to organize the stored file server data
Every file server user knows the tedious search for a certain file for a certain process and has often remembered the proverbial search for the needle in a haystack. With an average of 40.000 - 60.000 files per user, it is no surprise that the few, really important data get out of sight.

But how can the relevant data be made visible to the individual user again?

The white paper "5 points for successful data management" shows you how to find your way out of the data chaos. Learn among other things:

  • Why data management has to be declared a top issue today
  • How to find relevant data and reliably sort out obsolete data
  • Why you should involve the specialist departments in data management
  • Which solutions support you in the automated cleaning up of your mountains of data.

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