Software: Rights Management and Migration

migRaven by

migRaven.24 / 7 ensures a long-term efficient handling of the file system - for all users. At the forefront is the sustainable maintenance of folder structures and the automated sorting out of obsolete data via data retention.

The challenge of efficient file server restructuring is not the 1: 1 migration of all data. With, your data and authorization structure goes through an intensive cleanup process during the file server (or AD) migration.

tenfold - the central Identity and Access Management System (IAM)

The tenfold Essentials Edition focuses entirely on the visualization and management of user accounts, groups and file sharing based on Active Directory®. The Essentials Edition is just right if you want to get started with permission management in your Microsoft environment as fast as possible.

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The tenfold Essentials Plus Edition integrated additionally Microsoft SharePoint® and Microsoft Exchange®.

The Enterprise Edition supports a variety of systems, such as Active Directory® and File Server, SharePoint®, Exchange® as well as various ERP and CRM systems (eg SAP®).

8MAN is now called Solar Winds ARM

Solar Wind's ARM, aka 8MAN, is a leading access rights management (ARM) solution for Microsoft environments, protecting businesses from unauthorized access to sensitive data. The software solution developed by Protected Networks in Germany sets standards for professional network security and an agile IT organization and bundles state-of-the-art functionality with the fulfillment of current security and compliance guidelines. The SolarWinds core ARM features include: Permission Analysis, Security Monitoring, Documentation & Reporting, Role & Process Optimization, and User Provisioning.

Netwrix Auditor Netwrix logo

Netwrix Auditor is a transparent platform for analyzing data access and minimizing risk. Identify data security risks and abnormal user behavior before they result in a data breach. Unlike traditional solutions, Netwrix Auditor provides unified visibility and control over all your local or cloud-based IT systems. The IT Audit Platform provides a single view of the entire IT infrastructure so that IT teams can quickly identify and thoroughly investigate suspicious behavior.

Linkfixer Advanced

Linktek Product - Linkfixer Advanced

Files often contain links to other objects that are dynamically linked at the time of opening. As soon as these files are moved to another location, copied or just renamed, broken links are always created. This can occur with small cleanups in directories or even with complex file server migrations. LinkFixer Advanced is the ideal tool to prevent broken links.

Peer Software Products

peer link

PeerLink (Peer Collaboration Enterprise) enables highly efficient file collaboration for users or file servers around the globe, even with poor connectivity and high latency. It provides byte-level file synchronization and real-time file locking to prevent version conflicts when multiple employees want to open a file that has been dropped multiple times.


PeerSync offers extensive data replication, migration, and synchronization capabilities. The possibilities range from simple data mirroring from one server to another, to complete data synchronization of directories between multiple servers to facilitate the collaboration of decentralized teams.


PeerSoftware Products - PeerLock, PeerSync, PeerLink
With PeerLock, you can dramatically improve collaboration between DFS users in different branch offices by providing real-time file locking. PeerLock works with all DFS versions and with PeerSync for high volume synchronization.

Ivanti software

Device Control

With Ivanti® Device Control, data loss and theft can be prevented by consistently implementing guidelines for the use of mobile devices with a view to comprehensive control of the incoming and outgoing data flow at the endpoints. Ivanti Device Control is the reference among the tools of interface management.

Application Control

HEAT productIvanti® Application Control provides end-to-end malware protection and improves IT and end-user productivity by preventing unknown, untrusted and malicious applications from running.