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In various webinars we deal with topics such as migration, restructuring and the management of data and legal structures.
tenfold news about the new releases
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We introduce the data governance solution migRaven.24 / 7 and go for new ones
Features like data retention.

migRaven.24 / 7 presentation, live demo and Q & A session
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tenfold manufacturer webinars

With tenfold user and identity management you keep all access rights up to date on all systems - automatic, secure, fully verifiable and now also with recertification.

tenfold 2020 presentation, live demo and question and answer session
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Webinars of our partner Netwrix

Our partner Netwrix regularly presents webinars about his product Netwrix Auditor as well as about know-how topics.
Product demo to Netwrix Auditor
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I would like to arrange an individual webinar on my topic.

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migRaven.24 / 7 product webinars (regular)
Presentation, live demo and question and answer session

On the file servers in companies pile up amounts of files, of which the vast majority are actually no longer needed. Distributed over the entire file system, they cost in many ways and obstruct the view of the actual, productive data needed. With 20.000 files per user and more, manual cleanup is no longer an option. Solutions that tackle the problem intelligently have not existed yet.

migRaven.24 / 7 was developed to make working with the file server more comfortable, efficient and secure. For this purpose, the software currently offers functions for analyzing the data structure, for the user-controlled reduction of the data volume and for secure, internal file sharing.

In our migRaven.24 / 7 product webinars, we guide you through our software live, setting different priorities and answering your questions.

tenfold manufacturer webinars (regular)
Experience long-term user and access management

Are your administrators more concerned with managing users than providing the availability and maintenance of their mission-critical systems? Then the question arises of how continuously and comprehensively changes are documented. With the management platform tenfold, we offer a tool that automates processes and workflows and delegates responsibility from the administrators to approvers. Furthermore, tenfold offers a reporting function that represents current or historical authorization status. Why user and permission management? Where can tenfold help? Active Directory and File Server Permissions - Finally Clear! Reports at a click - Complete documentation! Live Demo

We'll show you this at the webcast:

  • User Life Cycle Management - tenfold makes it possible!
  • Integration of departments - a hot topic!
  • Active Directory & Fileserver Permissions - Finally Clear!
  • Cross borders - Manage permissions across systems
  • Templates and profiles for users? - With tenfold a breeze!
  • Reports at the click of a button - complete documentation
  • New Feature Recertification - No more unauthorized access rights


tenfold news
August 17.08 Release innovations at tenfold

The IAM software tenfold is constantly being developed. In 2020 there were already two releases (R1 and R2). In the approx. 30-minute webinar, André Löwenkamp, ​​CEO of aikux Service GmbH, presents you with the associated innovations.

Learn, among other things, the innovations in the area

  • Simplify resource management
  • Self-service (removal / termination of resources, request for shared mailboxes / public folders / autoresponders in Exchange, application to create a folder in the share with expiry date)
  • recertification
  • Approval workflows
  • Deactivation of plugins
  • etc.

This webinar is particularly interesting for existing customers. Individual questions about the releases can also be asked.


Netwrix product demos (regular)
Experience the Netwrix Auditor

This demo gives you the opportunity to get to know the key features of Netwrix Auditor and Netwrix Data Security in practice at 14 intervals. We'll show you how to find vulnerabilities and suspicious user activity faster by finding and classifying data, uncovering unusual user behavior, assessing IT risks, and other features.

Each webcast has a focus on a specific topic, which you can refer to the respective web title.


Technical advice:

We transfer our webinars Microsoft Teams, After registering you will receive a participation link, which you should use. If not yet available, the free Teams plugin will be activated in your browser at the beginning of the webinar after confirmation. No administrator rights are required for this. This can take 5-10 minutes including the necessary configuration of the audio settings. If you have never attended one of our webinars, we recommend that you start the session a few minutes earlier.

What to expect:

In our regular webinars we want to convey our know-how and present our methods and the software we recommend. We are currently preparing webinars on the following topics:

  • migRaven.24 / 7 and the new functions
  • Best practice for file storage / data management
  • Authorization management with tenfold
  • Find and classify data with Netwrix Auditor
  • Online training on PowerShell with Netwrix and much more

At the end of each webinar, our experts will gladly answer your questions and, if you wish, will personally contact you.

You are welcome to sign up for one of the upcoming webinars. You will receive your access data in advance via email and can then log in directly in the browser. Further preparations from your side are not necessary.

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