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At the center of our work are the Security & Efficiency Your Company data and rights structures, On the file server, in the DFS, in the AD, in Sharepoint, in Exchange. As specialized IT service provider we bring transparency and order to your permissions and help you to reuse your data. We accompany you in the project, train your employees and use innovative software. For long-term satisfied customers.

File servers and Active Directory consolidate for consistent data, access rights, and processes.

Have you lost track of your access permissions? Would you like to optimize your data and legal structures? Or do you need to migrate your Novell file server to Microsoft? then we can help you.

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From IST ...

  • Historically grown file services
    Overly complex AD structures
    Inconsistent access rights

    Analysis with migRaven
    • determined the state of your data and rights structures
    • answered Questions about the access rights of concrete users or resources

    authorization workshop
    • analyzed the problems of your data and legal structures
    • opens Paths for sustainable, consistent file services and access rights
    • mediated In-depth knowledge of authorization best practices

... to the SOLL ...

  • Automatically clean access rights
    Flat, efficient data structures
    Sorting Outdated Datasets

    • The tool for the coordinated migration process
    • restructuring access rights, file server data, and AD objects
    • sort out obsolete data using data retention
    • Internes File sharing using the Self Service folder
    • aws cloud Connection for backup
    • Paving the way for the integration of sustainable IAM / ARM systems

    Linkfixer Advanced
    • protects Links between files when file paths change during a reorganization

... and STAY there!

  • Automation
    Processes & workflows
    Documentation & compliance

    • Data management that is easy to implement
      for permanent order on the file server using retention guidelines and flexible, secure sharing of data

    tenfold IAM
    • User Lifecycle & Access Rights
      Management System

    Netwrix Auditor
    • Real-time reporting of access, activities and anomalies

The development of our software has been promoted since 2016 by the Innovation Program ZIM of the BMWi

The company GmbH in Berlin has stood for years for a new data culture in companies. As a medium-sized service provider, advises large companies, authorities and public institutions. The focus of was the structuring of large databases both technically and organizationally.

In doing so, we have developed an innovative technical approach, which the BMWi has recognized and which promotes further development by GmbH as part of the funding program "Central Innovation Program for SMEs" (ZIM).

Long-term customer satisfaction:

  • "We turned to aikux GmbH for the planning and implementation of data migration from our Novell file servers to Windows file services. After detailed advice in advance, the project was then planned in detail in a workshop in our company together with the consultants of aikux GmbH in organizational and technical terms and the necessary infrastructure requirements were designed. The subsequent migration of data and authorizations then went smoothly and to our complete satisfaction. And all within just a few weeks! This already very good impression was then rounded off by the fact that the authorizations were transferred appropriately for our newly introduced authorization management software. In this way, the effort in our company was significantly reduced. "

    Mike Grünert | IT Department Manager | Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden | Novell Migration

  • "Used migRaven to implement the user rights of a file server of local Windows 2000 users in an 2012 domain structure, 2 days work together with a staff of aikux, 1 minutes to shut down the old server and the job was done - top tool together with the support on site, saves a lot of time, the permissions are at the newest level (tidy up) - what more could you ask for? "

    Peter Laux, IT department manager of GEMAC GmbH, after a file server migration with migRaven

  • "For the Städtische Werke Magdeburg, the challenge was to transform a historically grown Novell file system into a Windows file system. The necessary expertise was provided by the company Through full and professional support from the start of the project to concept development and implementation, we were able to complete the project within a very short time. "

    Dr. Frank Schmidt | Head of the Department of Organization and Data Processing | Municipal Works Magdeburg GmbH & Co. KG | Novell migration

  •  “The project implementation by aikux GmbH and the delivered IAM software tenfold fully meet our expectations; What we particularly liked about tenfold was the low training required for the introduction and the uncomplicated handling of the software. ”

    Kerstin Schmid | Team Leader IT Infrastructure | CeGaT GmbH | migRaven & tenfold      

  • “Professional workshop! This well-structured and practical workshop was very interesting, informative, transparent and understandable. Our expectations were therefore fully met. This also gave us the security we needed to make decisions about implementation. I can only recommend this workshop and the software and tools to every medium-sized company. "

    Jochen Dziumbla, CIO of LAPP Insulators GmbH, after the aikux authorization workshop

  • "In order to minimize the time required for the migration, we decided to use migRaven. In cooperation with the consultants from aikux, a migration concept was developed within a few days and the necessary know-how for the project was conveyed. The project was then able to be carried out successfully and completely independently within a reasonable time frame. Thanks to migRaven, we were also able to optimize our directory structure and clear the authorizations for outdated, redundant and incorrect rights. It was very gratifying that there were no failures or malfunctions. The cooperation with aikux was very professional and productive."

    Mr Kluge, IT service, Barmenia Krankenversicherung aG (access rights of 2.300 employees cleared)

  • "Thank you very much for the top-level handling. The initial arduous journey from the workshop to the actual order required a lot of patience and persuasiveness and yet I could rely on your support. I am very satisfied with the result. Thank you for the knowledge transfer and the good cooperation and I look forward to another authorization project with you! "

     Ralf Stein | DV System Administrator | Stadtwerke Rheine | authorization workshop

  • "Excellent workshop with lots of tips, tricks and tricks for implementing a clear authorization structure. We purchased the software (8MAN) in advance and were able to analyze the existing system at the workshop and prepare for the migration. No questions went unanswered. For us, there is no better software to remove old burdens in the AD and directory structure, to create new users and directories with correct permissions and at the same time to receive proper documentation of the work carried out. Highly recommended!"

    Mr. Andreas Beck, Deputy IT Manager at the Municipality of Bad Soden, after the aikux authorization workshop

  • "Everything went on schedule and without disturbing the normal internal processes, the cooperation with was professional and pleasant. You can not ask for more ... "

    Heinz-Josef Wolters, Head of System and Network Operation, VESTOLIT GmbH

  • "We received an optimal solution for the management of Windows permissions and were aptly supported by in the test and final installation - we are very satisfied!"

    Björn Steinmetz, IT department head, LIMO Lissotschenko Mikrooptik GmbH

  • The involvement of the data owners in the authorization process creates enormous advantages for Fraunhofer. 8MAN was accepted very quickly by the users.

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    Fraunhofer HHI Berlin

  • Stadtwerke Solingen manages the entire IT systems of the city. 8MAN provides information about the city's many IT systems. 

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    Stadtwerke Solingen
  • The first official user of 8MAN ever swears by it! Transparency and the easy administration of the authorizations was in the focus here. 

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    District Office Ostalbkreis