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Authorization Management with tenfold Essentials

Do you need a solution that will help you handle user accounts and permissions in your organization more easily in the future? The tenfold Essentials Edition focuses on visualizing and managing user accounts, groups, and file shares on file servers in Active Directory® such as Microsoft Server, NetApp, and EMC.

The Essentials Edition is therefore just the right thing if you as fast as possible Authorization Management in your Microsoft environment want to start.

If you also want to centrally administer Exchange® and Sharepoint® authorizations, please read tenfold Essentials Plus continue. The connection of many other systems (CRM, CMS, HR systems, SAP and many more) is combined with the Enterprise Edition possible. By the way, you can always upgrade from the tenfold Essentials Edition to another edition.

Essentials Edition features:

  • Evaluate permissions
  • Authorizations assigned according to Microsoft Best Practices (AGDLP)
  • Documentation of the authorization assignment
  • Recertification of permissions
  • Automatic management of necessary access groups
  • Automatic editing of the ACL, no more manual editing via cumbersome tools
  • Comfortable reporting - all information at a glance
  • Those responsible from the respective departments decide on their own questions
  • Automatic documentation of the processes

It has never been easier to manage users and permissions centrally and clearly. The software tenfold brings not only the administration and thus the administrator many advantages. The company and the management also benefit from a transparent overview of all authorizations: Compliance with standards such as ISO 27000, BSI etc. is facilitated with the help of tenfold.

tenfold test

To get to know the benefits of tenfold, you can try the software:

  • Try tenfold on a demo system in the Azure Cloud or
  • for 30 days in your system environment

How does an installation work?

  • You make an appointment with us
  • the remote installation happens within 1 hour
  • For the test period, we provide you with free and non-binding technical support

Are not yet sure if tenfold is eligible for a test?

  • Then you will get access to our web demo, which we will present to you as part of a WebEx session.

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Tenfold offers the smart software to support your Identity Management & Access Management (IAM) strategy.

The permissions on NTFS shares are no longer manually manageable? Concentrate on who should get which access.
Let tenfold manage the necessary groups and file system permissions.

Save yourself questions in the department. Runnels and forms to fill in are a thing of the past. In tenfold, you store the respective data owner for entire applications or individual authorizations, shared folders or Active Directory® groups. This person can determine in the workflow himself who gets access to his data.

The documentation of authorization changes is now mandatory for almost all companies or the management. tenfold documents audit-proof automatically
Processes. You always have the information you need.

How does the licensing of tenfold work?
Quite simply: You acquire a software license that is valid for an unlimited period of time. In addition, you can sign a maintenance contract to receive regular updates and hotfixes
to obtain. The license price depends on which edition you choose and the number of users managed in the system (system and function accounts are not taken into account).

What is the licensing policy?
By the number of active, managed users. Excluded are disabled or deleted accounts, system accounts, and feature users. The interfaces used, configuration of the server or the database or the operating system have no influence.

System Requirements
To operate tenfold you need two things: a suitable server - both phyisical and virtualized servers are supported - (Windows Server® 2008 or higher, RedHat® Enterprise Linux or suse Linux Enterprise Server®) and a database on one of the supported ones Systems (Microsoft SQL Server®, Oracle® or MySQL®). The choice of server, operating system or database has no influence on the licensing.