DSGVO and authorization management

What can I do to prepare and secure my company in good time ...?

With the EU DSGVO was in the 25. Among other things, 2018 introduced a new security concept in data protection. Since then, the unclear terms of the old §9 BDSG such as "access control or access control" no longer apply. Instead, the classic protection goals of IT security apply: Availability, confidentiality, integrity and authenticity.

This increases the data security requirements and makes the respective implementations easier to compare since there are clear standards and best practices. At the same time, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation provides for significantly higher fines for companies in the future if data protection regulations are infringed.

No privacy without effective protection of the data.

In the future, companies will have to know a lot more about where which data lies and which employees can access which data.

How do you determine if your processes and your file servers are fit for the new DSGVO?

For this purpose, we have initiated an exchange of information with lawyer Horst Speichert, who specializes in data protection, as well as Internet and IT law. Several highly interesting webinars on the DSGVO and the practical implementation on the file server have already been developed from this work.
These can be found as Record in our webinar area.

Our services for your company

advise, train and support Bigger companies are cleaning up historically grown file servers and migrating them to a new, efficient directory and access rights structure.

As IT specialist service providers, we ensure the optimization of access rights and large data structures and are integration partners for the software tenfold authorization management.

Our webinar series "From Actual to Target" ran 2018 from January to March

We have shown you how to get from us (IST) to clean privileges according to best practices and a process-oriented, resource-saving authorization management (SOLL) in four steps. Here you can see the records from now on:

  1. From IST to SOLL I - the aikux authorization workshop
  2. From IST to SOLL II - Data, folder and rights analysis with migRaven.one & Co.
  3. From IST to SOLL III - implement target structure with migRaven.one
  4. From the IST to the SET IV - tenfold right management setup and connect

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Or right after the authorization workshop

If you want to know what security is really important in your organization and what action is possible, we recommend our tailor-made solution authorization workshop.

It tells you that IT security is not only guaranteed by firewalls, virus scanners and encryption, but also by safe and correct NTFS permissions depends.

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After the new authorization is before the introduction of authorization management

With tenfold We offer you an easy-to-implement solution for day-to-day authorization management, which includes all necessary functions including authorization workflow and data owner concept! The software is available in three editions that meet many conceivable requirements, from pure authorization management to the focus on identity management with the connection of various third-party systems.

Last but not least: With experience from countless projects around authorizations and authorization management, we are at your disposal as an integration partner of tenfold.

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