Tenfold Enterprise Edition


Unified Identity and Access Management with tenfold Enterprise

With tenfold, you automatically create user accounts, visualize authorizations, and integrate the data officers from the departments in every important step in the workflow.

Different functions are available for each edition. The Tenfold Enterprise Edition features advanced features and integrates additional systems to centrally manage IT entitlements.
Systems like Active Directory® / Fileserver, Exchange®, SharePoint®, SAP®, Dynamics NAV / CRM / AX and Office 365® are integrated via plugins.

With visually collectable workflows, high-level automation and outsourcing of authorization processes to the data owners, tenfold offers a highly efficient Unified Identity and Access Management System for long-term deployment.

Advantages of tenfold at a glance

Für die Organization

  • Compliance with standards (EU-DSGVO, ISO 27000, BSI etc.)
  • Simplified audits
  • Transparency of all permissions
  • Automation of important processes
  • Direct involvement of data owner
For IT leaders, CIO, CISO

  • Minimize risk of data theft / misuse
  • Better compliance
  • Better governance
  • Automatic adjustment of authorizations via profiles
For administrators

  • Automate processes such as entry / exit / change
  • Minimizing the error rate
  • More overview in complex environments
  • Automatic documentation

Rights Groups? Relax!

Of course, tenfold takes care of the complete administration of all authorization groups - and without errors. Concentrate on what your future authorization concept should look like and let tenfold manage the necessary groups and file system permissions.

Workflow Editor according to BPMN standard

Fully supported by the BPMN standard, the graphical editor makes it easy to intuitively model authorization processes without the need for scripting skills. At the same time, the graphic display directly informs about the status of each request and makes IT audits child's play thanks to this clear form of documentation.

Recertification of permissions

Do the IT access rights associated with your users still match the real need? Unauthorized access rights pose a high risk of data theft and data misuse by our own employees. In the so-called recertification process, data owners are regularly reminded to control the active access rights of their users. Current rights can be confirmed and obsolete withdrawn.

Interfaces out of the box

tenfold provides interfaces to more than 60 systems in the categories operating systems, business applications, databases, collaboration and IT infrastructure via a convenient plug-in system. These are about the integrated tenfold marketplace downloaded and can be used in 90% of all cases entirely without scripting. Only if you use an exotic or self-developed system, an individual adaptation is necessary.

Proven compliance with standards and data protection laws

Compliance with standards such as ISO 27000, BaFin requirements or BSI Grundschutz and compliance with the strict data protection laws according to DSGVO is easier than ever with tenfold. The quality of implementation and proof of complete processes is increased by the consistent use of visual elements. This benefits administrators, auditors and management alike, because all information is processed in an easy-to-understand way for the individual target groups. The BPMN compliant Workflow Editor reports the status of current requests in the same view. The Active Directory Pathfinder allows the graphical representation of group nesting in Active Directory. This achieves better clarity and data security, as incorrect assignments can be easily recognized.

Experts are allowed to stay experts

A new expert feature for editing users simplifies the process for the IT administrator without restricting it. So metadata can be adapted quickly or permissions can be easily assigned by quick search and drag & drop.

tenfold test

To get to know the benefits of tenfold, you can try the software:

  • Try tenfold on a demo system in the Azure Cloud or
  • for 30 days in your system environment

How does an installation work?

  • You make an appointment with us
  • the remote installation happens within 1 hour
  • For the test period, we provide you with free and non-binding technical support

Are not yet sure if tenfold is eligible for a test?

  • Then you will get access to our web demo, which we will present to you as part of a WebEx session.

Request a trial


  • Once connected, users and rights in all systems can be administered by tenfold
  • Those responsible from the respective departments decide on their own questions
  • Automation through workflows relieves the IT enormously
  • Demonstrable compliance and easy-to-understand reports



How does the licensing of tenfold work?
You acquire a software license that is valid for an unlimited period of time. In addition, you can take out a maintenance contract to have access to updates and service at all times. The license price depends on which edition you choose and the number of users managed in the system (system and function accounts are not taken into account).

How is tenfold licensed?
By the number of active, managed users. Excluded are disabled or deleted accounts, system accounts, and feature users. The interfaces used, configuration of the server or the database or the operating system have no influence.

System Requirements
To operate tenfold you need two things: a suitable server - both physical and virtualized servers are supported - (Windows Server® 2008 or higher, RedHat® Enterprise Linux or suse Linux Enterprise Server®) and a database on one of the supported ones Systems (Microsoft SQL Server®, Oracle® or MySQL®). The choice of server, operating system or database has no influence on the licensing.

What does Essentials Edition, Essentials Plus Edition and Enterprise Edition mean?
Tenfold is available in three editions: Die Essentials Edition focuses entirely on the management of folder shares and Active Directory. The Essentials Edition is just right for you if you want to get started quickly with these features. The
Essentials Plus Edition Additionally provides transparent management of permissions for Microsoft SharePoint® and Microsoft Exchange®. The Enterprise Edition is more flexible: By incorporating additional systems, IT permissions can be centrally managed and better suited to large environments. Depending on the design, the implementation is more complex.

Suppose I am tenfold Essentials Edition customer and would like the extra features of
Essentials Plus Edition or Enterprise Edition. What options do I have?

You can easily upgrade to Essentials Plus Edition or Enterprise Edition - all existing investments are preserved. Your existing Essentials license will be added to the Essentials Plus license or Enterprise license.