Ebook: Hospital and health data

Challenges in dealing with data in health relationships at the interface patient and clinical setting

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Preview part 1) The hospital and health data

Dealing with health data of all kinds poses special challenges for hospitals. Hospital IT departments are facing changes that can be justified by the transformation of a changing culture of health.

It will need to clarify what health data is, why a hospital needs to be hired to handle data from outside its own facility and what impact this will have on the hospital business model.

This whitepaper provides IT leaders with some justification to help them find the right company to prepare and make the right decisions in the medium term. It also explains in a cultural dimension why the meaning
of health data in the hospital is increasing.

Preview Part 2) Data Security for Electronic Patient Records

Hardly any other industry is as heavily regulated as healthcare, and for good reason: The Personal Health Information (PHI) integrity is critical to the successful treatment of patients. In addition, healthcare companies and organizations capture and store not only health information but also a variety of other personal information. Because personal health information as well as personal information is highly valued by actors in the shadow market, medical practices, hospitals and other medical facilities are an attractive target for cyber attacks.

As a result, data security is a top priority for the IT departments of many of these organizations and their business partners. However, the number of data breaches in healthcare shows that there is an urgent need for better measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of electronic health records (eIDs).

The Netwrix Auditor platform provides visibility and governance for reliable security in hybrid cloud environments. It is already being used by more than 630 healthcare organizations around the world to reduce risks to sensitive data and successfully pass regulatory audits. You too can benefit from these advantages.

You will receive answers to all important questions:

  • How can you better protect yourself from cyber threats that threaten your highly sensitive personal health information?
  • How can you identify vulnerabilities in your security systems and actions and detect attacks early?
  • How can you ensure the accountability of individuals and prevent policy violations?
  • How can you more effectively prepare for and successfully pass compliance audits?

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