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The importance of authorization management is constantly growing in companies. As a result, there is growing pressure for a reorganization of how permissions can be handled better and faster in the future. The requirements are defined from two main directions:

  1. Consideration of efficiency and costs
  2. Considering the quality in terms of safety

To the SOLL

In many companies, there are established structures that require a reorganization to meet their own quality standards. At the same time, it requires a revision or the establishment of processes for authorization management. Questions that need to be answered in this context are: How should new permissions be used in the future, how will they be dismantled and how can the eligibility conditions be checked regularly in order to meet the quality requirements in the long term? In principle, there are three strategies that can / should be mixed together.

The optimal mix makes it

Important questions in this context are:

  • Which systems in the home must be provided with permissions?
  • How is the provisioning process set up?
  • Who knows best about the changes and the resulting actions?
  • Who knows what the permissions must be? eg for the file system, SharePoint, Exchange, ERP, CRM

After that:

  • Who can be equipped with which tools to control which permissions?
  • Which systems can not be addressed by scripts or a program and therefore have to be looked after by specialists?
  • What effort is needed to integrate which system and how?
  • Which migration expenses are to be calculated?


We develop the optimal strategy together with you and then we establish these processes and procedures in your house. It is important to always pick up the people involved where they are with their knowledge and experience. This means supporting the whole process through appropriate communication and training.

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    Torsten Wolf


    After the authorization project was already looked after to the greatest satisfaction of and also the training and instruction of our colleagues was their responsibility, there is no question about us also going together with the next steps with the


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    Björn Steinmetz


    We got an optimal solution for the management of Windows permissions and were supported by competently in the test and final installation - we are very satisfied!


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