Manage permissions

with 8MAN Enterprise

  • 8MAN Enterprise 6.0 - The Practice Webinar

    Up to 20% of all requests to the support concern the access rights on the file server. Anyone who does not rely on a foolproof system will soon be barely able to save himself from overwhelming permissions on the file server! At the latest when the revision knocks or the trainee "suddenly" can access the folders of the management, it is clear that something is not at all right!

    What is often missing are overview, fast processing times and protection against misconfigurations. Despite, or just because of the complicated processing steps with Microsoft on-board means the allocation of access authorizations happens in the blind flight. Just during a phone call entitle a new project folder? - Better to schedule some time. Quickly find out why Mr. Meyer can see the data from the research? - Nil. Correct this mistake? - No chance!

    8MAN Enterprise however, it offers full transparency and relieves the support team of a lot, which is time-consuming and error-prone. Create a new employee? Pay attention to correctly authorized project folders? Give the trainee new rights when changing department and also withdraw the old rights? No problem - with 8MAN Enterprise.

  • NTFS file server administrate permissions

    By using 8MAN Enterprise, the administration of the authorizations receives novelty-like convenience. This video shows how to administer permissions with 8MAN and what kind of intelligence 8MAN has.

  • Administer Active Directory authorization groups

    With 8MAN Enterprise, you can quickly and easily administer group memberships of Active Directory. Special cases such as temporary authorizations can also be handled.

  • Create directories and assign authorizations and list authorizations

    Providing NTFS permissions for deep nested directories can be quite complex. Especially if you still have to worry about the list rights, so that a user can even browse to the desired location. If you do this manually with Windows on board resources, the process per directory takes about 30 min. With 8MAN Enterprise, you only need 60 seconds.

  • Create users and groups

    With 8MAN Enterprise you can flexibly create users and groups and configure the properties.

  • The user administration

    User accounts for Windows can be easily created and managed with 8MAN Enterprise. By integrating scripts almost all steps of the provisioning can be done in one step, whereby the allocation of permissions for new users is done even faster.

  • Authorization assignment by DataOwner or specialist departments

    The DataOwner (data owner, head of department, project manager or similar) are the right contact person when it comes to assessing the permissions to be granted. That's why 8MAN Enterprise offers a special web-based interface for this group of users. In our movie you can see how the DataOwner can even independently administer permissions with 8MAN.

  • Grant temporary permissions

    Often it makes sense to give certain users access rights only for a fixed period of time, eg in the context of temporary employment or in project business. Active Directory does not provide a way to configure anything like this. With 8MAN Enterprise, on the other hand, you can define the expiration date right from the moment you issue the authorization. The best known scenario is for apprentices and trainees, who work through different departments and not infrequently "collect" a wealth of permissions, because the permissions that are no longer needed are not revoked again. In this movie, you'll see how easy it is to avoid using 8MAN Enterprise.

  • Document permissions

    Permissions can not be administered without leaving a comment and every action is automatically recorded in 8MAN without any gaps. The revision will thank you!