8MAN Specials

Webinars, modules and special topics

  • The aikux webinar from 11.04.2016

    We show you the latest version of 8MAN, the leading solution for Access Rights Management (ARM) in Microsoft server environments, and introduce the new features that the update brings. Alerts inform data owners and administrators about security-related events in the corporate network. The functionality was also improved in the area of ​​reporting.

  • Administer domain-wide with 8MAN 6.5
    The aikux webinar from 11.01.2016

    In our webinar we show you how to use the new version of 8MAN to better manage your users and their access rights across domain boundaries.


    Permission Analysis
    Limitless Active Directory Analysis
    With Release 6.5, you capture all user account memberships across domains and forests. 8MAN breaks new ground in authorization analysis and makes full relationship analysis possible.

    User provisioning
    Overarching facility of AD groups
    With Release 6.5, the 8MAN Group Wizard for the first time creates Active Directory groups across forests in different domains.

  • 8MAN Enterprise 6.0 - The Practice Webinar

    Up to 20% of all requests to the support concern the access rights on the file server. Anyone who does not rely on a foolproof system will soon be barely able to save himself from overwhelming permissions on the file server! At the latest when the revision knocks or the trainee "suddenly" can access the folders of the management, it is clear that something is not at all right!

    What is often missing are overview, fast processing times and protection against misconfigurations. Despite, or just because of the complicated processing steps with Microsoft on-board means the allocation of access authorizations happens in the blind flight. Just during a phone call entitle a new project folder? - Better to schedule some time. Quickly find out why Mr. Meyer can see the data from the research? - Nil. Correct this mistake? - No chance!

    8MAN Enterprise however, it offers full transparency and relieves the support team of a lot, which is time-consuming and error-prone. Create a new employee? Pay attention to correctly authorized project folders? Give the trainee new rights when changing department and also withdraw the old rights? No problem - with 8MAN Enterprise.

  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency - with 8MAN Enterprise

    In our webinar we would like to show you how the purchase of 8MAN Enterprise pays for itself within a short time and which features make the software so efficient. With 8MAN you quickly and cleanly manage all access rights to your file servers, Sharepoint and Exchange. In addition, the new module 8MATE GrantMA introduces a web-based workflow that directly integrates users and DataOwners in the administration of authorizations. The individual accesses to the Active Directory and the file server can also be monitored auditably via appropriate modules.

  • 8MAN meets the BSI requirements of the IT-Grundschutz catalogs

    In our webinar you will learn how you can use 8MAN to meet essential requirements from the BSI's IT baseline protection catalog. We have picked out a few requirements and show directly in 8MAN which powerful analysis and reporting functions 8MAN offers and how access rights to file servers can be assigned quickly and in accordance with BSI using 8MAN Enterprise. Once again, however, it becomes clear that installing software is not enough, no matter how good it is. Because only if the administration is based on a sophisticated authorization concept can it be used efficiently, long-term and audit-proof. In addition to the technical integration, aikux GmbH has therefore specialized in the creation of individual authorization concepts and the necessary know-how transfer.

  • The aikux webinar on the workflow GrantMA and 8MAN 5.5

    In this webinar we will focus on the new features of 8MAN Enterprise 5.5. In addition to the difference reports, the web-based GrantMA authorization workflow will be of particular interest, as this feature ensures optimal integration of the DataOwner in the course of authorization assignment in the future.

  • 8MATE AD Logga for 8MAN - Active Directory Event Monitoring

    The 8MAN module "8MATE AD-Logga" for the Active Directory documents all changes to all AD objects.

    • File Accesses in Critical and Sensitive Areas: Understand whether a file has been read, written, created, or moved, or whether an access permission has been changed.
    • Where did changes take place? Detect if a file has been written or permissions have been changed.
    • Was there unauthorized access? Demonstrate which accesses or access attempts unauthorized users made.
  • 8MAN vs. On-Board Resource - Part 1 / 2 - The direct comparison to the assignment of authorizations

    Let's compare the usual process of setting NTFS permissions on a Windows file server. At the same time we administrate an authorization with the Windows on-board tools and once with 8MAN Enterprise. (Please also see part 2 / 2)

  • 8MAN vs. On-Board Resource - Part 2 / 2 - The direct comparison to the assignment of authorizations

    Let's compare the usual process for setting an NTFS permission on a Windows file server. At the same time we administrate an authorization with the Windows on-board tools and once with 8MAN Enterprise. (Please first look at part 1 / 2)