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Authorization management and migration of File servers

  • Problems with large or growing data volumes - the webinar from the 14.03.2016

    In this practical webinar, Senior Consultant Thomas Gomell reports on hundreds of migration projects on what to look out for when dealing with large to very large amounts of data, where relevant problems arise and how to counteract them.
    Thomas Gomell shows both the necessity and provides arguments for the planning as well as for First steps on the way to a new data culture.

  • Planning file server migrations properly - the aikux webinar from 07.12.2015

    In this webinar, Mr. Gomell, the managing director of aikux GmbH, shows you how file server migration projects are properly planned and prepared and how typical errors can be avoided.

  • The way to the clean authorization concept - the aikux webinar from the 20.10.2014

    In our webinar we will discuss the basis of all file server permissions - the authorization concept. How do different concepts differ? What do you have to consider? And finally, how do you come up with your own, optimized authorization concept?

  • Best Practice NTFS Permissions - the aikux webinar from 09.04.2014

    If the employees of the company can no longer see through the filing on their own file server and the access authorizations are no longer to handle based on the resulting data chaos, then usually fundamental considerations for the organization of the file server structures are necessary. However, if you want to find a suitable concept for the directory structure of the file server, which should also be conveniently provided with access rights, then you have to take various requirements (employees, data owners, IT, etc.) into account. This webinar will give an overview of what considerations are important and what basic techniques are available to get the NTFS access rights to the file servers under control.

  • File Server Migrate and Authorize - the aikux webinar from 02.12.2013

    How do I summarize several file servers on a new system? How do I migrate my data during operation? And how can I also take into account changes to the access permissions, the folder structure and the corresponding file links and cross-references in this process? All this and more can be found in our webinar on the best practices for migrating, consolidating and authorizing file servers.

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    Good day
    Thank you for this very interesting video.
    I just do not understand your approach by pleading for deny delete rights on the top-level folder structure. How do you handle inheritance when replicated to the bottom folder?

    Best Regards



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      Hi Chris,

      I can only confirm this. Working with a Deny right is not the best solution. For this reason, we have also changed our approach and now always set a special "change" right that ensures the same result.
      It exchanges the "Delete" right with "Delete subfolders and files".

      The main thing is to protect the authorization endpoint to a special degree. Of course, the users should create directories and files below and also delete them again.

      Best regards, Thomas


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